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Keilwerth EX90 Alto Sax Black

Keilwerth EX90 Alto Sax Black

The makers say

Julius Keilwerth is well known for its high quality professional saxophones. With the EX 90 series of saxophones, Keilwerth makes it possible for advancing students to take advantage of Keilwerth craftsmanship at a lower price.
Any advancing student will sound phenomenal on a Keilwerth: the extra wide bow allows for a full sound and easier emission of low notes, a hydraulically formed neck for excellent intonation and response, high quality leather pads with metal resonators for enhanced sound emission, and an adjustable metal thumb rest that can be moved left or right and up and down.
The new series III is equipped with an innovatively re-designed keywork with special features for professional playing comfort, such as an improved octave mechanism and a new professionally shaped F-lever pusher. The Keilwerth EX90 Alto saxes have a new bell brace for increased stability.

Bell diameter: Alto 5.25 (133mm)
Weight: Alto 5lb 12oz (2.6kg)
Innovatively re-designed keywork with professional features
Improved octave mechanism
Professionally shaped F-lever pusher
Thumb rest adjustable in height and angle
High F# key
Imitation mother of pearl key inlays without a bezel
Hydraulically formed neck
Leather pads with metal resonators
Stainless steel screws
New bell brace

Bigger bow section - makes low register easy to play at all dynamic levels
Innovatively re-designed keywork with special features - professional playing comfort
New professional shape of F-lever pusher - easy key operation
Improved octave mechanism - easy octave change
Imitation mother of pearl key inlays without a bezel - concave shape for playing comfort
Auxiliary high F- sharp key - for better playing facility in the altissimo register
B-Bb-C#-G# key mechanism - makes mechanism for little finger of left hand fast and easy to operate, because of pivoted Bb key
Adjustable thumb rest - adjustable in heicht and angle for optimum hand positioning
Hydraulically formed neck - excellent intonation and response
Leather pads with metal resonators - high quality, long lasting; improved sound projection and clarity
New bell brace - increased stability


Keilwerth EX90 Alto Sax Black
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